Starting off on the right paw

Welcoming your new puppy to his new home is a very exciting time for all the family.

If your puppy has come from a breeder who follows the Puppy Plan, you already you know that he has had a good start in life, and so you know he is well on the way to making a perfect addition to your family. You may already have his own Puppy Plan, hopefully including diary entries and photos to show what a great start he has had.

Choosing the best environment

Ideally when you choose your puppy, try and find a litter that have been raised in a house as similar to yours as possible (so with children if you have children, in a noisy environment if you have a noisy house, with cats if you have cats etc).

Doing the right thing

Behavioural problems can arise from taking puppies from their mum too early, so make sure the breeder keeps the puppies with their mother until at least seven weeks old.

If he comes from a rescue centre hopefully they will have been using the Puppy Plan from the time he came to them – and you can carry on where they left off.

If your puppy is from a breeder or rescue and hasn’t had the advantages of the Puppy Plan start in life, don’t panic. Just start today and follow the Puppy Plan from now on in order for him to get the chance to catch up with a lot of the things he has missed.

Nurturing family dogs

The work that the breeder or rescue have hopefully done in the past eight weeks will mean that your puppy has had a robust upbringing and he has all the skills necessary to become the perfect family dog. If they have followed the Puppy Plan, this will have given him a good primary school education so he knows about the many different things the world has to offer. Now it is up to you to continue his secondary education in the specific environment of his new life. You are also teaching him to bond to his new family – you.

The most unique and exciting thing about the Puppy Plan is that you design it yourself. This is your plan to make sure you have the dog of your dreams. This Plan doesn’t tell you what to do, insist you do things that have no bearing on your life, or waste your valuable time. Instead you create your personal Puppy Plan around your life and the life your new dog will lead.

A flexible online or offline resource

Whilst the Puppy Socialisation Plan has been designed to be completed online, if you would prefer to work on printed copies or would simply like to print out the tasks as a reference, then we have provided the flexibility for you to do so. Simply visit the “Resources” section, where under “Downloads” you can print off the tasks week by week. It is important, however, for you to log your updates on “My Puppy Plan” so that you can keep track of your litter’s progress.