For most puppies, week eight will be their last week before going off to their new life – as this is when most breeders send their puppies off to their new homes. They have learnt all about how to be a dog from their mother and littermates, they have had an excellent education from you, the breeder or puppy rearer, and now it is time for them to learn how to be a family dog in their new home. 

This period however generally coincides with an increase of fear in puppies – most puppies will begin to start to show fear to things that they haven’t been introduced to up until this point (although some of the more reactive breeds or types of puppies may have started this significantly earlier). This increase in fear to new things is the reason why you have been working so hard in the past few weeks to make sure as many things as possible are now accepted by the puppy as ‘just being part of life’. From now on, anything new will be regarded with much more suspicion/fearfulness. One important window of opportunity for development is starting to close.

This is a week to go over all the things the puppy has being doing/ has met in the past seven weeks – but not a week to introduce new things.

This is also the time to get your Puppy Plan ready to hand over to the new owner so they can see how much you have done, and continue where you left off. It is time to say goodbye to him and send him off to his new life, knowing that you have done everything possible to ensure he has a fantastic future ahead of him. 

If you plan to keep all or some of the puppies beyond this time, make sure you continue with the next section of the Puppy Plan, working each puppy individually.

Remember, by taking photos and videos you can give the new owner a proven track record of how much work you have put in to ensure that your puppies go on to live contented lives as well-adjusted adults.